Frozen Heart: Who Cherished Her Heart

Hello, friends! I’m excited to be back today sharing my miniature mixed media piece called, “Frozen Heart”. Have you ever heard the tale of “Frozen Charlotte”? Frozen Charlotte’s are miniature porcelain or bisque dolls. The ones I’ve found have come from Germany and were dug up from the ruins of pre-world war factories. Owing to this digging up, it’s rare to find a Frozen Charlotte intact. Most are hauntingly tragic with a missing arm, leg, or foot. The dolls were made in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries and are widely collected today by doll enthusiasts and mixed media artists.


Here is the story of poor frozen Charlotte…

“One piercingly cold, winters night, Charlotte’s beau, Charles, picks Charlotte up in his sleigh to attend a ball at the village inn, 15 miles away. Looking lovely, young Charlotte, dressed in her finery, vainly wanted to be seen and admired along the way, and so did not heed her mother’s good advice and cover herself with a blanket, refusing even to wear her wrap. By the time she and Charles arrived at the inn, Charlotte was a frozen corpse! Charlie, devastated by the loss of his love, soon died of a broken heart and they forever slumber together, in one tomb.”

Sad, no? It’s unclear if the legend of Charlotte is based on actual fact or if it’s urban legend, but one this is certain. With their cheery faces, and broken bodies, Frozen Charlotte’s are a wonderful addition to any mixed media piece.


I was inspired to create this piece when I received the Prima Marketing Relics & Artifacts: Flaming Hearts II in an order from Nani Ke Ola. I’ve long been wanting to try out these relics and I thoroughly enjoyed working on colorizing the flaming heart at the center of this piece.

First I mixed up some gesso and LSG Red Hot Poker Orange magical and painted the chipboard base. I also drilled a small hole in the base and painted the bamboo skewer, setting both aside to dry.


Next, I chose some Copic markers and began coloring the flaming heart. When I was satisfied with the colors and shadows I set this aside to dry. Next, I chose two small print block letters “X” and “O” and painted the letters with Distress paint in Candied Apple and put them aside to dry. At this point I came back to my relic and added some clear Wink of Stella to give it an iridescent glow. I glued the relic to the bamboo skewer and set that aside to dry.


Next, I created feet for the piece using scrabble tiles. Using Aleen’s fast grab tacky glue I adhered the feet to the bottom of the chipboard base. While I was waiting for things to set up, I took some LSG Magicals in Autumn Maple Crimson along with some Color Bloom Sprays in Cotton Candy and Pearl White and colored two pieces of seam binding. I crinkled the wet binding and began drying it with my heat gun.


I added the phrase, “who cherished her heart” to the front of the dome and I distressed the X & O using some fine grit sandpaper. Now that everything was dry, I was able to begin assembly. First, I placed the relic and then added in the Frozen Charlotte (which I draped in one of the lengths of died ribbon) and the X & O. The last thing I did before sealing the dome to the base was to add a bit of snow Flower Soft.


Lastly, I tied the 2nd piece of dyed ribbon to the top of the dome and added a word charm (adore) to it. I’ve made many of these little dome pieces and I really enjoy creating in miniature.

Thank you for sharing some of your time with me today. I hope this piece has inspired you to get into your creative groove! I’m back on the 15th, with another mixed media project! Until then, remember, creativity and imperfection live together in all we do. “Grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfection.”



Supplies Used
Prima Marketing Relics & Artifacts: Flaming Hearts II
LSG Magicals: Red Hot Poker Orange & Autumn Maple Crimson
Prima Marketing Color Bloom Spray: Cotton Candy
Prima Marketing Color Bloom Spray: Pearl White
Bamboo Kabob Skewer & Flower Soft (Snow)
Distress Paint in Candied Apple
Copic Markers & Vintage Frozen Charlotte
Snug Hug Seam Binding Winter White