How Planning Can Reduce Holiday Stress


As you know holiday’s can become stressful really fast!  I’ve found that planning has reduced my stress level by about 75%.  I’ve been a “planner” since I was in grade school and recently I’ve found what we planner people call “planner peace”.  I purchased an Aqua A5 Marion Smith heart of gold planner from Nani Ke Ola a couple months ago and have found the size and the planner page set up to be the best for me.  Nani Ke Ola also offers the two newest colors available, luscious pink and luxury gold as well. I recently purchased the gold version and cannot wait to see it! To see all the planners and accessories visit this page on the Nani Ke Ola site.

There are several types of planners out there and I believe I’ve tried almost half of them. There are large desk planners, A5’s, which is the style pictured above, and the personal size, which is the smallest and fits in your purse without taking up too much room. I can also fit the A5 in my purse as well. I love the fact that the pages are large enough to fit my schedule and, lets be practical, I’m no spring chicken any more so the personal planners are so small that I can’t read my own micro handwriting, lol.

By having my planner with me all the time, I can easily pull it out and look at my daily and weekly schedule at a glance. Marion Smith’s planner has a month, week, and daily at-a-glance available in the monthly planner inserts. It also has a ledger section, notes, washi tape sample, and pen writing sample page. The ledger is getting the most use currently. I can assign a child’s name to the top of the page and use the space below to track of the amount of money I spend on their Christmas gifts. The washi tape sample page allows you to place a small sample of the washi tape and write down where you purchased it. Speaking of washi tape, Nani Ke Ola has added a large and adorable selection of washi tapes. You can see some of them in my photos below as well. I couldn’t stop myself from using almost all of them in this weeks planner spread! These are to die for! I just adore the red and white sweater print! Which, by the way, I have never seen available in stores before.


The pen writing sample page is so that you can test out which pens you can use on the planner paper before you write on the week and daily. There are several inserts available with the ability to purchase more inserts at your convenience. I hope that this gives you some ideas on how using a planner can help keep your holiday stress level at a minimum. I wish all of you the most wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!!

XOXO ~ Kimmy

Supplies Used
Aqua A5 Heart of Gold Planner
Merry Christmas cross stitch washi
Grey Christmas tree scenery washi tape
Green and white snowflake washi tape
Pink stars Merry Christmas Washi Tape
Red & White Sweater Print Washi Tape