Meet the Design Team! Get to know Christine


A wee bit about me: I’m Christine “Beanie” Szekeres. I have lived in metro Seattle since 2001. I’m a cat person though I love dogs but they are like kids … I’ve never wanted one of my own but I love to spoil nieces and nephews (including the furry sort). I’m a great auntie! My favorite color is green. I am the marketing director for a youth summer camp in Bellevue, WA (about 12 miles from downtown Seattle). Beanie is my camp name. Right now we are in week 8 out of 10. The camp turned 96 yesterday and when it was built there was nothing on Lake Sammamish. Today we are set in the middle of a busy neighborhood on W Lake Sammamish. I first picked up a rubber stamp back in 1997 while I was living in Orlando. It was at a place called Stamp Cabana and the first thing I ever made: Halloween cards. Today I lean more toward mixed media though I still make cards for friends. I have a washi tape addiction. One thing I want to learn is how to make a good craft-focused video. One of my coworkers calls my studio “the scrapbook store”. I have twice taught at a national art retreat, Art & Soul in Portland, OR and I’ve had work published in a few different craft-focused magazines.

And here is a link to Christine’s blog!!!

We will still be seeing Thandar and Lisa for the rest of the month, then in Sept. the new design team will take over!