NEW Planner Kit!!!

Happy July everyone!
Is it hot where you are too? I am in the Pacific NW and we are usually in the 70’s in June, slowly creeping to low 80’s. Well, we have been consistently in the 90’s. Hottest June in history!!! Drink water everyone, lots of water

Well, I have been inside my cool office working on a project. At CHA there were so many planners, and the Webster’s color crush along with the Marion Smith Planners are just a few that are hot on the market.

I personally got myself a purple Malden Filofax, and I am completely in love.

Well, to the good stuff, I am happy to introduce a NEW PLANNER KIT!!!

Accessories Pic

This will be slightly different than other planner kits on the market. First, this will be a quarterly planner kit. Which means when you order you will get three months worth of planner accessories, so you don’t have to worry about running out of sticky notes or clips. The planner kit here will be for the months of August, September, and October.

You will receive the main kit for August during mid July. It will include lots of goodies –

Pen Close Up* Handcrafted specifically for the NKO Planner Kit – Slimline Emerald Green Pen with 24kt accents. I love this pen, it fits perfectly into my pen holder, its gorgeous so I can be proud to pull it out anywhere I am.

Dividers* Laminated Dividers – Set of 6 plus a dashboard. I used our ever so popular 7 Dots Studio paper for this. Each divider is artistic, added pockets on the backside, places for clips and sticky notes. I wanted something useful, as we know, planners are our workhorse for daily life.

* Charm Set- The main kit will have 3 charms – some beaded beauties and silver charms to hang off your planner. For ringed binder users there is a leather cord to help hang it off, and the coil planners can skip this and just attach your charms straight to your coils.

* Sticky Notes

* Washi Samples – I can never use a whole roll but I LOVE washi samples. So you will get at least 5 different washi samples of 2m each. And continue to get washi samples each month of the planner kit.

Stamp Close Up

* Rubber Stamp – this isn’t your normal stamp, these are a bit sassy and meant to bring a smile to your face as you look at your to do list.

* Project Life Cards – Two different sizes, a variety to help you remember whats important during the day. Maybe you want to attach a picture, or jot down some quick notes.

Paper Clips Close Up

* Other accessories to help make your planner beautiful such as paper clips,wooden clips, acetate bookmark, reusable page flags, flair, and other fun things to put in your planner. Also each month you will get an additional silver charm to add to your charm set.

Choose between an A5 or personal size, and 6 hole punched or not punched.

I truly believe that you will be in love with everything that comes with the planner kit. The total price for all three months is $85 and that includes shipping for all three months. Considering the pen itself retails for $35 and dividers go for $15, this is a great deal. The embellishments are of high quality and tested in my own daily planner to ensure quality.

There are a limited amount of kits left, so make sure to grab yours before they run out!

Nani ke Ola Planner Kit