Remembering my proposal with Messy Head

Hi everyone

So, I have a funny story I have to share with you about this picture and layout. When Eric and I got married, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. The conversation went something like

Me – Hey, I want to go to Hawaii, what island would you want to go to

Eric – Well, which island do you want to get married on?

Me – Kauai, but if we go there, I am planning a wedding.

Eric – OK, Lets go there.

Me- Ok, but I am planning a wedding then.

And, he didn’t say no, and we got married three months later on Kauai. Since then I have always given him a hard time because I never got a proposal. I want to plan a big bash for our 10 year anniversary, but I need a proposal first.

heart corner close up

So, last year we went to Disneyland for our anniversary. It was his first time, and I haven’t been in way too long. I am a princess of course, so I planned our anniversary dinner at Ariel’s Grotto. Loved it! Loved meeting all the Princesses and the gorgeous view of the water and the ferris wheel. I, being the good wife that I am, totally forgot my wedding ring in the room!! It was humid so I didn’t have it on for my anniversary dinner!!


moment worth noticing close up

Well, while we were enjoying the view, and waiting for our dinner to arrive, Eric asked me up to the front of the gazebo, I expected it to be so we could enjoy the view. Well, next thing I know, he is down on one knee, and telling me all those sweet things that every girl wants to hear during a proposal. SQUEEEE It was perfect. And he had my ring for me too.

And lucky for us, a couple at the table near us, he pulled out his phone to take a picture and sent to us. I love the kindess of strangers.

make a wish tag

I wanted to make a great layout, and was just waiting for the perfect papers and inspiration to come along for this picture. Of course, it isn’t black red and white like the rest of my Disney pages, and that’s ok. Not everything needs to match in albums. I feel like special pages can stand out in a matching album. Messy Head is perfect for the romantic feel I was looking for to complete this layout. I love it. And I love how all the papers and elements work together without much effort. Pages for me usually take hours to complete – Anyone else take hours?!?! But this one, only a couple hours completed at a crop nonetheless! No plan, it just flowed together.

proposal lo overall

NOTE – Because the page is so light, it was really really hard to get a good picture of the whole layout. Apologies!! Hopefully you had some good close-ups to make up for it. I think I need to wait for the sun to come out so I can get some good ones of the overall layout.

Well, the picture itself isn’t the greatest quality, but it is the only one I have. And sometimes, we don’t need absolutely perfect photoshop pictures to remember the moment. Sometimes that moment is so strongly embedded in our memories that even a blurry picture will suffice.


tag lindys emboss

Of course you knew I had to throw in some Lindy’s Stamp Gang somewhere right. This tag has a blend of the two teals from Industrial Chic embossing powders. I felt like I needed something to POP on this page. As much as I love the pinks and soft blues with lavender, it definitely needed something.

Hope you enjoy this layout, and my rambling story behind it.

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