Meet the Girls behind “Color Hills”


Have you noticed the fun new papers in the store yet? Last month we got some beautiful inspiration from Inna and how she used the Color Hills paper for her wedding, she will be continuing this month to show off some gorgeous layouts along with Allie and Thandar.
We haven’t forgotten Amber and Flowerdisco! They are getting in touch with their witchy side and show off some Raven later on this month.

If you haven’t yet, fall in love with the distressed papers of Color Hill’s 4 different collections- Mojito, Lazy Moments, Chill Out, and Refresh. Even the collection names sound great!

Lets cross the pond and meet Mira, Kasia, and Ewa, the owners and founders of Color Hills, Poland’s newest scrapbooking company!
They were wonderful enough to agree to answer a few questions so we could get to know them a little more  🙂


Hi Girls! What inspired you to start your own company, Color Hills? And where did the name come from?

Since we are all in love with the scrapbooking and we meet to create together very often, we all dreamt about creating our own paper designs. We’ve been thinking about it separately for a long time, and then we started to talk about it more and more and one day we decided to create something together. We have started with the badges collections – just for our own needs. When we saw the results we knew almost immediately – we have to share it with the rest of the world! 🙂 We were so proud of them. In the meantime we’ve started to create a paper collections. We just met one day with our computers and after many (maaaany) hours of talking and clicking – our collections were ready. When the papers came from the print house our dreams came true! We’ve decided to go further and created the stamps corresponding to our patterns.

m2We just thought it will be one time action! Our own papers to create on. Simple dream! But the effect was totally amazing – people loved our papers so much, that after one month we sold out over a half of the production!

We knew that we can’t stop there – we’ve started to create a summer collections, and the effect was also incredible! In this place I have to highlight the fact that the whole Color Hills idea is our hobby – we all have a full time jobs and everything we do for the CH is during our free time. Can You imagine what our husbands can think about CH? (joking)

Now we can’t imagine scrapping without our own products and we’re proud that people like them the same we do!

About the name – I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I believe Color Hills was the idea of Ewa’s friend from work. We’ve came up with lots of the other names, but that one was perfect – we quickly came up with the logo and that was it!

It must have been hard to go out there and start your own company, but what was your greatest moment in the beginning?

Greatest moment was one when we saw the badges for the very first time – it was the breakthrough, and when we finally saw the papers, when we could smell it’s scent for the very first time! Wonderful moment! Every new collection brings this excitement again and again!

So, a company of 3 talented creative women, there must be some funny stories to share!

There are only the funny stories! One of those, that I remember very well, cause we’ve been laughing over it again and again… It was, when we discovered that CMYK  has no green tone that we can accept for the papers. Shocking for someone who is not a graphic designer, we are rbamateurs. We imagined a wonderful collection Mojito, but there is no green in it! All because CMYK is so limited!

There is also fun that we have every time we meet, cause Ewa and I scrap very quickly. And when Kate is at the beginning of her Layout, we both almost always have already finished ours.

Hahaha, I have a feeling that I would go Kate’s pace! I am a slow scrapbooker too! How long have you three been scrapbooking, and of course, what, or even who, got you into this addicting hobby?

How long – as far as I know all of us have been creating something since childhood – this or that way. Who? What? What! The Internet of course! We have a lot of wonderful scrappers here in Poland, who share their creations on the Internet – that’s the place where we have found out that what we’ve been doing year after year just before Christmas is called card making! 😀

m3Oh the internet is such a dangerous place, too many hours spent there for sure. Do you find you stick with the same style of scrapbooking? or try a little of everything?

We have similar style of scrapbooking, but each one of us have their unique qualities. We all like C&S, none of us is a mixed-media person, but we love the experiments, and we don’t avoid different styles from time to time!

Kate is a total perfectionist! She always have a perfect cuts, she loves the flowers, and create a lot of wonderful romantic cards, that Ewa and I rather avoid. We are all Layout girls, and in this area we prefer rather the same style. Ewa always adds many details to her Layouts, when Kate rather opposite. I’m always making the biggest mess on the page. And I like layering very much, when the other girls a little less.

Oh I am sure the husbands love when you all get together!

Do we get any insider peeks to what might be coming next from Color Hills?


Since we have been very busy in our private life’s lately, CH projects had to wait a bit longer than we thought at first, but we have ideas ready in our minds yet – just have to meet and make them real. We wanted to create an autumn-winter collection, but there is already autumn in Poland, so it’s a bit too late for that (next Year maybe!).  Now You can expect the winter collections, and if everything goes well it will be pretty soon!

You’re going to love them – I know that!

Oh, I am sure we will love it too, we will be waiting anxiously for it to be released! Now, enough about work, lets talk about something fun! What would be the perfect holiday?cb

Holiday are perfect itself!

For us there is always something to scrap about! (laughing)

When You’re a busy woman, as we are, You have to admit every little moment of calm in Your life – that’s why every Holiday sounds perfect for us!

So, Mira, congratulations are in order. We know that you were just recently married! How is newlywed life so far?

Thank You Sweetie! It’s been great time so far! After a busy summer and a wonderful wedding we finally had a Holiday and a lot of time only for ourselves.

I’m very happy to be with Pawel and I just can’t get use to the fact that I’m a wife! (Yay!) We call ourselves Husband and Wife very often  just to have fun! It is so strange! But great!

keep calm 4Thank you so much Mira for joining us at Nani ke Ola, we really appreciate your time and letting us get to know you, Kasia, and Ewa a little better. Love the paper, and look forward to what you create next!

Thank You Jenn for inviting me and Color Hills to Your blog, it was a great pleasure for me. And I hope one day we could scrap on CH papers together face to face!


Go check out the Color Hills blog and see even more layouts, and follow them on facebook also. Fair warning, unless you know Polish, you will have to translate it into English. It’s well worth it though! Of course, when you decide you have to have some for your own stash, which I am sure will not take long, come take a look in the store!

And now I am looking at flights from Seattle to Poland….. Anyone else want to join! Just Kidding, for now anyways.