Spectrum Noir!

Hello everyone! Jenn here. I feel like I have been ignoring you, I also know that my wonderful design team has come up with some wonderful ideas for you

I just wanted to share some news!
Spectrum Noir- the affordable alcohol markers from Crafter’s Companion has announced the 3rd generation set of markers! Woot woot! So now you can upgrade your iOS AND your markers!! (That was funny in my head…..)

Just a few images of what you can do with the Spectrum Noir markers, these images are from the Spectrum Noir website

hayride santa claus card


I think my favorite thing about Spectrum Noir is that they have a bunch of tutorials on their site, and if you want to be accredited, its free. You can download the images, follow the instructions, send it in to the company and they will send you feedback FOR FREE. It is really hard to find anything for free. Plus, I have had the chance to meet Jennie Black – the main instructor for Spectrum Noir, and she is great! They really truly want you to learn how to use their product, and not spend hundreds of dollars at a class to learn.

Here’s the official announcement, but if you don’t feel like reading through all that, here’s the highlights for you

Some of the major changes to the new set of markers are this

– double wall cap = less evaporation= last longer between refills
– Added brush nibs to interchange with the new markers
– the barrel will be hexagonal shaped to be more ergonomic – great for hours of drawing!
– bullet tip is smaller- allows for finer detail drawing

Staying the same
– Colors! they are staying the same, so no worries on buying additional markers
– sets are staying at a 6 pack for the basics and 24 pack for the additional colors
– Crafter’s Companion is still offering support for the older generation also, no worries!

So, if you haven’t played with alcohol markers, aren’t really sure if they are for you, this is a good time to buy. They are discounted! Right now I have them in the store for $8.50!!!! That’s an amazing deal, and it only lasts as long as I have supplies. So, if you want to play and work on your coloring skills, pick some up. If you have the older set, completely happy with it and just need to pick up a few extras for later on, pick some up!

The new generation is being released in a couple weeks, Oct. 1st.

There is a great deal on the “Holiday Essentials” set, pick up some of the Premium Cardstock (best for blending with the alcohol markers) which you can combine with a fun holiday stamp, some fun Christmas papers, and you will be set for homemade cards and tags this season!!!