Road Trip


This is Thandar here, coming up you with my first DT project. As summer is officially over after the labor’s day and kids are going back to school, this is a very good time to recap your summer fun memories and go over your pictures. The combination of Persnickety Collection and Road Trip Tags is perfect for doing just that. I would like to show you a couple of layouts that I made using these collections.


The background paper, hexagon and chevron cutouts for this layout are from Persnickety colletion.  I did a little bit of stenciling, stamping and spraying on the background to dress it up a little bit.

IMG_6338Next, I use tags from RoadTrip Collection to embellish the layout. I think It turn out quite cute, Dont you think.

Here is the supply list for this layout

1) Persnickety Snooty Sheet

2) Persnickety Fussy Sheet

3) Persnickety Picky Sheet

4) Chictags Road Trip Icons

5) Chictags Road Trip NoteClips

6) Some die cuts, stencils, inks, cheese cloth and sprays from my stash

7) Alpha stickers from Persnickety Collection

In addition to above layout, I was able to assemble another layout using the leftovers!!!

IMG_6381For this layout, I cut out hexagons from leftover Fussy Sheet and Chevrons from Picky Sheet.  I then stencil and spray up the background to add a little something something to it 😛 Even the packaging from RoadTrip tag is so cute that I used it as a photo mat!

IMG_6382I, then, embellish the layout with leftover RoadTrip Icons and NoteClips.

The added goodie that I used other than my leftover is ChicTags Everyday life Tags

I hope you give them a try and please drop us a link below for us to see your creations!!