Run Away as Often as You can

Happy Wednesday! The week is halfway over! Or, even better, it was a short week anyways for most of us.

I found a quote online that I wanted to share with you. Ok, not just anywhere on internet world, but on pintrest. Can’t help it.

I love quotes, when I was younger, instead of writing down boys names with hearts, I wrote quotes on all my dividers in my binder. I would collect quotes from friends, and poems too. I was never good enough with words to come up with some of my own, so I just collect from others.

Here’s one from Twyla Tharp. For those of you who are thinking right now, hey, that name sounds kinda sorta vaguely familiar, and are about to wiki/google, I’ll save you time. She is a famous dancer/choreographer. And she really is super famous, here’s an excerpt from her resume

Since graduating from college in 1963, Twyla Tharp has choreographed more than one hundred thirty-five dances, five Hollywood movies, directed and choreographed three Broadway shows, written two books and received one Tony Award, two Emmy Awards, nineteen honorary doctorates,

Oh, and if she wasn’t busy enough…    

In 1965 Tharp founded her dance company, Twyla Tharp Dance.

Ever just wonder where people find the time? She is a beautiful dancer though, and if you want to kill some more time at work, go watch a few of her youtube videos.

And maybe this one quote that she is known for explains how and why she accomplished so much.

Twyla Tharp- Art is the Only Way

Twyla Tharp- Art is the Only Way

So, go run away, as often as you can. To your private area, pull out those scrap papers, gesso, stamps and everything else and just mentally run away.

See ya tomorrow