Love some sketches

Any scrapper or artist runs into that dreaded problem…. the block. It is awful. You sit there, look at your supplies, and you know you NEED to do something, maybe you even want to do something artsy. But your brain    has     slowed     to       a            stop.

With the power of the internet, excuses of brain stoppage is gone. I love pintrest. Maybe a little too much. I can spend hours on there gathering ideas. Probably too many, well, there’s no probably about it. Husbands or SO either love pintrest cause we women are quite and distracted from whatever mess they are making, or they hate it cause they know messes, weird/creative dinners are coming.

Either rate, pintrest can cure a block, but it can also distract. And isn’t the problem to find inspiration that will actually result in WORK

I have actually found myself spending a little less time on pintrest. I think I have enough “to do” on my list right now. But I will scope it out for scrapbook layouts. I have to time limit myself. I have found a great source of inspiration for my scrapbooking. I am totally in love with sketches, or pagemaps. I look forward to the beginning of the month cause that’s when all the fresh challenges come out. Admittedly, there’s weekly and bi monthly challenges. And sometimes I look at those too. But the beginning of the month, that’s where it is at.

I think sketches reach me more than full color layouts. I have been pondering the reasons for this, in grey and white with no photos or patterns to distract, your imagination can go a little wild.  I love that I can adjust, rotate, add, subtract, and its all cause of one little sketch. Obviously I am not the only one because there are tons of sites and books dedicated to sketches for layouts and cards.

So, just in case you need a little inspiration this month, take a look at this sketch. And if it inspires you enough, there’s a challenge to go with it. I will even post my own layout for you to check out  🙂 That’s how much I love you guys.

Paper Secrets

Round and Round Layout Paper Secrets

I am trying desperately to finish up my Disney trip scrapbook. I must say, that if you are working on a Disney scrapbook, the trendy tape by Queen & Co is a must. I have used it on almost every single one of my pages. I have about 4 in my personal stash, and they match with everything that is Disney. I used it in my autograph book also.

So where do you go for inspiration? Sketches? Layouts? Instagram? from your Photos?

Quick reminder- just a few more days left to apply for the design team! I am so excited

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