A little bit of Colors

When it comes to scrapbooking, or even art, heck, life in general, color is important. It all starts with getting dressed (or not dressed on some days) and picking out an outfit to wear. Yep, today I am getting all thought provoking on you.

Seriously though. I have a large stack of pink papers in my stash. But I love to actually scrapbook in blues and purples. Mostly blues and teals to be honest. I actually hardly use my pink papers. Maybe that’s why its such a large stack? Or maybe its cause there are lots of pretty pink papers.

I have about 95% of my papers organized by the main color, Lots of different stacks. When I get ready to make a layout I will think about what is going on in the picture and how I want to portray it. Then I will look through my stacks and choose a few that go together then create.

So, how do you choose your colors when you make your project? Do you look through your pictures first or stacks of paper? And if you were to look through, what colors are most of your projects?

I came across this graph, Thought it was interesting. You might have seen it going around on Pintrest lately.

cjga-color-theory-3.jpg 1,224×2,720 pixels

I couldn’t find the original post from the blog or website, sorry cjolliffe. I thought this was worth a good look though.

So I thought about myself, I love dark purple and teals, in everything I have or do. My office is even painted in beautiful purple and teals. My favorite store to go to, its the Purple Wine store. Umm, does it get any better? Wine? Purple? Mmmmmm. Lets be honest, there’s usually some wine included in the creativity process.

So there’s a few purples, I chose the top two that I like. Red Purple and Dark Purple. And Teal and turquoise. Put that together and I am a Sophisticated Sexy Princess, oh and I have my degree in Oceanography. Yep. Love it. Move over Dutchess Katherine. (Before the hate mail, I actually love the royal family of England, and in real life, being a princess would be very hard. I will settle for just being treated like one in my own home)

If I actually used the pinks, most of which fall into the dusty pink range, it would be “too sentimental” and that’s a negative according to this chart. But that’s what scrapbooking is all about, being sentimental and leaving a legacy behind. I don’t think that’s a negative, and it might explain all the pink paper out there.

By the way, I totally love that Bright red means both sexy and warlike. Love can be like war sometimes. And don’t restaurants use red to make you hungry? So then you are a hungry mean like lover?

It’s amazing how colors can affect your mood, and tell the world how you are feeling?

So, what does your colors say about you and the way you scrapbook?