Hello Everyone!

So this is it. Jumping in the deep end first. The start of Nani ke Ola scrapbooking.

The store is up and running, product ordered and coming in.

I’ve done all the reading I could possibly do on scrapbooking, ecommerce, design teams, etc. I feel like if I read anymore info it will just push other info out of my brain. Like the cartoons do.

They say that you should love your job, the hardest part is finding a job to love. Everyone wants to work for themselves, set their own hours, yada yada. I was not one of those people, I was always ok being the middle man. Then life changed, and I found myself with business license in hand suddenly sending off emails to scrapbook designers asking if I could open a wholesale account. My husband just kind of nodding his head saying “Keep going, you can do this”

What I thought was going to be small, just kept getting bigger. And it’s still growing, and I hope it will grow bigger than what I dream of right now. Here is to the beginning, not taking baby steps, and just diving in.

I hope you all follow me on this adventure and enjoy it as much as I hope to. Later today I will be announcing the need for a design team. I welcome everyone to try. Nani ke Ola is about helping the smaller person, the smaller companies, the families that value time together rather than the extra dollar, this is about the everyday creative person who wants to have their story be told to their kids and grandkids even when they can’t personally share it.

Since this is a growing experience for me, I ask and encourage everyone to leave comments, words of inspiration, constructive criticism, and funny stories. I don’t want Nani ke Ola to just be a scrapbooking supply store, I envision it to be a group of scrappers that love to hang out and share. Life is beautiful.